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From start to finish I was very happy to be working with Fabienne. I was excited to be in a community center space where I knew I would have enough space for my guests, but to be honest, I was nervous about how everything would "look". At the end of the day, I knew it wouldn't matter because I was going to marry the man of my dreams, but Fabienne and her team DEFINITELY put the icing on the cake. Leading up to the event, I was very impressed with how responsive she was and HONEST. I thought I wanted some things, but she would give her opinion as to how she thought it'd go with the other things I had requested, and in the end I was very happy to let her do her thing. Seeing the before and after of the community center, was a complete makeover. Everything was ready to go the day of the wedding. Because I knew I'd be busy with my husband the day of, I had my dad communicating with Fabienne and he was very impressed with her and her team. Everything went extremely smoothly on my wedding day! :) I highly highly recommend Fabienne!

I highly recommend Actualite Event and Design because Planning a wedding can be stressful and an overwhelming task for anyone, a lot of things needs to be done, right from calling your wedding photographer to the last ceremony of the wedding, everything is very important. You can get very exhausted if things aren’t done in a systematic way and in a proper order. Actualite Event and Design is top-notch planner and I am incredibly lucky to have had hire them. the staff made me feel as though they have everything 100% under control. Thanks to Actualite Event and Design staff For making my special day most enjoyable and remembering moment for me.

Another 5 star review for Actualite Event and Design staff. We got married just a couple weeks ago, and this is one of the first reviews I was anxious to write when we got back from our honeymoon. My mom was the one who insisted on having a coordinator for the last few weeks before the big day, and I thought it was something silly and unnecessary. Boy was I wrong! It was SO great having Fabienne to call on - from having her pick things up, drop things off, help with scheduling, contact vendors, deal with mishaps, Fabienne from Actualite Event & Design was there whenever we needed her. She was always calm, cool, and collected - never made me feel anxious or worried, was always on my side when it came to dealing with vendors, and truly knew exactly what she was doing. Our small wedding was pretty much perfect, and I really do not think it would have been that way without her and her assistant. Plus, she contributed significantly to my peace of mind for the entire month before the wedding. I would recommend Actualite Event & Design without hesitation!

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